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Zeinab Kahera

Career Fulfillment Coaching

I will help you achieve career courage and fulfillment by navigating emotional roadblocks and celebrating authenticity.

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You're here because you're ready for a change, and I'm here to help you make that change a reality.  Allow me to be your trusted guide on this transformative journey.

By embracing authenticity and courageously navigating the emotional blocks, we will pave a remarkable pathway toward success and lasting fulfillment in your career. It's time to embrace the change you've been yearning for.

Let us embark on this empowering coaching journey together as we unlock the extraordinary potential that resides within you. Get ready to embrace your true self, overcome obstacles, and seize the opportunities that await. Your dreams and aspirations are within reach, and together, we will make them a reality.


With unwavering commitment and enthusiasm,



Job Search Guides

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Gain valuable insights and expert guidance on crafting impactful resumes and compelling cover letters, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and mastering interview techniques using ChatGPT prompts.

Here's how I can help you


Supercharge your job search with the Job Search Accelerator program, and unlock your full potential and transform your career through the Career Empowerment and Transformation coaching program.


Elevate your event with an exceptional speaking experience through dynamic facilitation, impactful training, inspiring keynotes, and interactive workshops on a wide range of today's most popular career topics.


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Maryam H.

It was fun and a pleasure working with Zeinab!  As a recent career transioner, I was pretty much lost on how to optimize my resume and struggled with job search as well. Her constructive feedback allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to fine-tune my resume from an entry-level standpoint. With Zeinab's guidance and insights, I now feel more confident and excited in achieving my career goals.

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Healing Toolkit

Use the Healing Toolkit to identify the affirmations, people, and activities you can access to support your job search emotionally.

How to be awesome at your job. Zeinab Kahera

How To Be Awesome At Your Job Podcast

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Influence Digest: Top 15 coaches in Montreal in 2023

Influence Digest: Top 15 Coaches in Montreal in 2023

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