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I will help you achieve career courage and fulfillment by navigating emotional roadblocks and celebrating authenticity.

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You're here because you're ready for a change, and I'm here to help you make that change a reality. Allow me to be your safe guide on this transformative career journey.

We'll embark together, embracing your authenticity, and bravely navigating any emotional obstacles that come your way. Your path will lead to growth and fulfillment in you never knew you were prepared for

Join me on this exciting coaching journey as we uncover your extraordinary potential, celebrate your true self, and seize the opportunities that await. Your new career is closer than you think, and we'll make it a reality together.

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Elevate your event with an exceptional speaking experience with interactive workshops on a wide range of today's most popular career topics.

Enhance your job search experience with a personalized coaching plan, designed for your unique career transformation.

The Emotions We Feel On Our Career Journey

Zeinab is a phenomenal career coach. I greatly appreciate her compassionate, wholistic approach. She gave me clarity and insight that moved me from feeling stuck and demotivated to feeling empowered and focused (in just 4 sessions!). I could tell she was genuinely concerned with my growth and overall success.

- Ivy K

Zeinab excelled not only in instilling confidence but also in offering constructive insights and practical resources. These resources proved instrumental in crafting compelling responses to both situational and behavioral interview questions. Additionally, Zeinab imparted valuable advice on navigating negotiations once a job offer was on the table.

- Rebeca S


There is no way I would have gotten my last two jobs or started my career without Zeinab. She is always the first to believe in her clients and encourage them to become their best self, as well as make sure that self shines through. She is not only supportive, but knows exactly when and how to give criticism. I could not recommend her enough, and am lucky to have her as an advisor, reference, and friend.

- Kai L