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Job Search Accelerator

"Empower your job hunt to unlock your path to professional success."

The Job Search Accelerator program is specifically designed to provide comprehensive support for individuals who have been on the job search for a while without any results or prospects. If you've been feeling frustrated or stuck in your job search journey, this program is here to help. Through personalized coaching and guidance, we will work together to review your current job search approach, identify areas for improvement, and create a tailored plan to boost your chances of success.

Key Program Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Strategy Review: Receive a thorough analysis and review of your current job search strategy, identifying any gaps or areas that may be hindering your progress.

  • Targeted Action Plan: Develop a customized action plan to revitalize your job search, incorporating effective strategies and techniques to attract the attention of employers.

  • Navigating Roadblocks: Overcome common roadblocks and obstacles encountered during the job search process, with expert guidance to help you stay motivated and focused on your goals

$550 CAD / $450 USD
Six Half Hour Sessions

"Harness Your Strengths, Conquer Your Fears, and Achieve Professional Greatness"

The Career Empowerment and Transformation program is a comprehensive coaching experience designed to address the challenges of career dissatisfaction, fear of taking action, and overcoming feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and excessive self-criticism despite their accomplishments.  Together, we will create a roadmap for your success and empower you to embrace a fulfilling and rewarding career that aligns with your passions and aspirations. The program focuses on empowering participants to overcome their career challenges, gain clarity, and cultivate the confidence needed to take bold steps toward achieving their professional goals.

Program Benefits:

  • Career Dissatisfaction: Uncover the factors contributing to your dissatisfaction and explore new possibilities for growth and fulfillment in your professional life.

  • Overcoming Fear and Taking Action: Gain the courage and self-belief to overcome fears and self-doubt, taking bold steps towards your career goals.

  • Cultivating Confidence: Build self-acceptance, self-compassion, and unwavering confidence to overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-criticism.

  • Tailored Strategies for Transformation: Develop a personalized action plan aligned with your aspirations, encompassing practical techniques to navigate your professional journey with purpose.

$1100 CAD / $900 USD
12 Half Hour Sessions




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Other Coaching Services

Coaching Sessions - 30 mins 

$90CAD / $75 USD

  • Resume Review with post edit feedback.

  • LinkedIn Review with post edit feedback

  • Job Search Strategy Building and Implementation

  • Interview Strategy and Practice

  • Salary Negotiation Strategy

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