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Hi friend

I'm Zeinab Kahera.

Your Career Specialist

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There are abundant opportunities for career fulfillment success regardless of where you are in life and ​I believe you can achieve it by being your true authentic self.


About Zeinab 

I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ve been unemployed and I’ve been at a job that was unfulfilling and unmotivating. I also know first hand how exhausting the job search can be. You feel like you are doing everything you can to be the "ideal" candidate but are not getting the results you want. Plus you are applying for jobs feeling like you can’t be your genuine self. 

That is why I became a Career Coach. I wanted to help women empower themselves to land their authentic career by teaching them successful industry techniques and coaching them through the job search process. Not only will you feel prepared to land your next role but you will feel equipped for ongoing career elevation.

to help people get prepared and feel confident & motivated for their job search.  



I recently needed help negotiating my salary for the job of my dreams! Zeinab spent 1.5 hours on the phone with me as I explained my fears and concerns about negotiating especially for such a role that was already high paying. She helped me draft an objective counter offer and followed up with me until the deal was closed. She is a God send and I will definitely reference her for my future career moves. She is THE REAL DEAL!

- Lolo

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