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How Negative Self Talk Affects Your Career

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I can’t begin to tell you how many lies I tell myself on a daily basis. My favorite lie or story that I tell myself is: “You’re not good enough”. Even through two degrees and numerous professional wins, I still manage to beat myself with this lie. Being unemployed for 5 years intensified the pain of the lie even further. With every application or interview rejection, it added fuel to the fire of the lie. I was drowning in disappointment and discouragement and felt like I wasn’t going to be able to ever work again.

When you’re going through a job search or a career change, you can experience some of the more intense levels of vulnerability, and your confidence is constantly tested. Negative talk only drives your confidence down even further. In order to stay encouraged and focused on your job search, it’s important that you create a foundation of truth and love, so when those rejections come, because they will, you can stumble without breaking.

You have to declare the truth to yourself. The truth for me is: I am strong; I am qualified; I have access to everything I need to be successful; I can stand with the best; I am good enough. With the lie comes pain, confusion, and chaos. With the truth comes love, clarity, and peace. When you feel discouraged, declare the truth to yourself. Identify the lie and release it. The job or career of your dreams is waiting for you and the truth is you are ready for it now.

Zeinab Kahera M.Ed. is the founder and lead specialist for Kahde Career Specialists. She is a native of Atlanta, GA and currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

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This post first published on Kahde Career Specialist website on Mar 20, 2018

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