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What Happened When I Decided to Trust the Process

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

A few months ago I was going through a breakdown, I was determined to move back to the states after being in Montreal for three years. My time here had been really rough emotionally physically and financially. I had been trying to get work here but was convinced no one would hire me because I did not speak French fluently. Things with my business were going good, but I still missed the social interaction of an office. After trying to find work back in the states for nearly six months I felt broken as it seemed I would have to stay at least another year.

Exhausted from stress and frustration I decided the only way I could be happy was if I truly allowed myself to just trust the process. I reflected that just because things are not going the way I want doesn't mean the best things are not happening for me. Suddenly I started to feel more relaxed and more at peace about my current situation. I asked myself what I needed to be comfortable and happy if my husband and I couldn't relocate right now. Some of the things I considered was buying a car and moving to a bigger apartment. I also knew that having children was something I wanted to work towards and the healthcare and paid leave alone were great reasons to have kids in Canada.

About a month later I received a notification about a job in Montreal that required English fluency. I had been in Montreal for three years and never once seen a job for English native speakers, this had to be a sign. Without hesitation, I applied for the job. I definitely was fearful of another rejection but I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. A week and a half (and 4 interviews) later I had a job! It happened so quickly I still wonder if its real. The truth is it is real and I feel so blessed and grateful for this new chapter in my life.

Not being able to work had been such a test for me. I created so much meaning around not having a job meant about my life. It took me a long time but I am so happy that I've come to this point in my life. I now have my business and I have a job that allows me to work with a great group of people, help others, get out of the house and reinvest back into my business. So much more than I could have ever imagined for myself.

When you're unemployed you can feel like the entire world is against you. The waiting process can so painful but if you decide to trust it, you will see that it is just a means to an ends. Whats even more fulfilling is knowing I am not at the end yet, my journey is still in motion.

Zeinab Kahera M.Ed. is a native of Atlanta, GA and currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

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This post first published on Kahde Career Specialist website on June 8, 2018

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